Community brunch

April 13, 2009


The brunch crowds are out!

The brunch crowds are out!



I don’t get to the UWS all that often (though I do love Barney Greengrass), so I eagerly agreed to join a friend for brunch there on what was arguable the nicest day in 2009 thus far. We met at Community Food & Juice on the most brilliantly sunny day, and the wait wasn’t even that long—20 minutes. The scene was pretty hilarious though, with the first really good burst of sun out pour the brunch hordes. If you set up outdoor tables, they will come.

Even better news? The menu is fantastic. There were at least four or five things I wanted to try and had a tough time settling on my order. My friend went with the very healthy veggie scramble and I opted for the much less sensible seven-grain waffle with sour cherry compote and toasted almonds. We also split an order of the house made chicken-apple-rosemary sausage. I’m still thinking about that sausage. We couldn’t have been happier to sit in the warmth of the sun, catching up, brunching and sipping our delicious cappuccinos. Life is good, try Community Food & Juice. 



The bland leading the bland

January 19, 2009


Today’s post title is a quote from the new and not very nice Top Chef judge, Toby Young, and it unfortunately refers to the dinner I made last night. I guess I was trying to compensate for the indulgent (but 100% worth it) brunch I had at Barney Greengrass, a.k.a. the sturgeon king, earlier in the day. There are few things better than making your way through a wintery Sunday afternoon on the UWS with friends and a toasted bialy with scallion cream cheese, white fish and tomato. The trouble is that I’m trying to lower my carb intake in ’09, and specifically, I am terrified of putting on a bathing suit this weekend on my quick trip to Miami. I literally cannot remember the last time I wore one. And, I hate diets. Why would anyone voluntarily restrict the amount of bread, pasta, rice and sweets? Misery. Anyway, that’s long story behind the very plain chicken breast and roasted broccoli I prepared last night. It was so dry and devoid of flavor, the act of chewing was actually tiring. I’m going to have to be much more creative with my “diet” dinners from now on. Suggestions?

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