Num pang is the new bahn mi

April 8, 2009


NMy new favorite sandwich, times two.

My new favorite sandwich, times two.


According to their website, Num Pang is Cambodian for sandwich. These sandwiches are similar in composition to Vietnamese bahn mi, with fresh cilantro and pickled vegetables, plus meat and mayo-based sauce. The num pang pulled  duroc pork sandwich with spiced honey (pictured here) far outshines the baoguette. Despite being half the size and twice the price of the baoguette, the num pang is about quality over quantity. The perfect bread from Parisi Bakery is toasty on the outside, soft on the inside. The chili mayo is totally addictive. The pork was perfect. The whole combination was a delight, and way more satisfying than the all the other bahn mi. Next time I’m going to try the coconut tiger shrimp version.


The Num Pang assembly line

The Num Pang assembly line