It’s true, old people do smell

March 17, 2009



Check out my blog post on on the latest multitasking fragrance and its magical powers.




3-buck what?

March 16, 2009


I'm assuming Troy is Zac Efron's character, but I've never seen High School Musical.

I'm assuming Troy is Zac Efron's character, but I've never seen High School Musical.



I don’t know if anyone else has noticed the proliferation of $3 wonders available right now, but I have, and some of them are pretty amazing or at least amusing…

3 Buck Bites: This new site from Citysearch showcases cheap eats in cities across the country that will run you $3.99 or less. Added bonus: You can cast your vote for your favorite inexpensive nosh.

Three Buck Chuck: Charles Shaw, the Trader Joe’s private label wine brand, includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc, among other varietals. Bottles go for about $3.99, at least in NYC, and some of them are, at the very least, drinkable. 

3-buck Thursdays:  At bar called Q-Lounge in Phoenix, AZ, there are $3 drink specials on Thursdays.

3-buck copier paper for a cause: Staples has HP Mutlipurpose Breast Cancer Awareness Copy Paper on clearance for $3.90 this week.

3-buck High School Musical Rockin’ Door Hanger: Target is featuring this nifty dry-erace door tag for High Musical enthusiasts at the bargain price of $3.70. 

8-piece order of Chive and Pork Dumplings: Vanessa’s Dumplings on East 14th Street will serve you up a hot meal for just $3.49.



The $5 Duane Reade coupon

March 4, 2009


The Duane Reade rewards club card you must swipe at every visit to accumulate points.

The Duane Reade rewards club card you must swipe at every visit to accumulate points.



Do you ever look at your receipt from DR and think to yourself, I have almost enough points (it takes 100, at $1/point) to get the $5 reward coupon? It’s funny that because the stores are on every other corner, you don’t feel the need to stock up on things like toilet paper and dish soap. Few of us have the storage space for more than four rolls in our postage-stamp-size apartments anyway. And even though we live in a city where time really does equal money, we continue to spend precious moments browsing the aisles of DR in search of some essential item we need immediately, and we do this at least once a week! Maybe there’s a sense of security in knowing that you can purchase microwave popcorn, laundry detergent, beer and Haagen Dazs all at one store that’s always open. The convenience certainly comes at a price—I know that Bounty paper towel would be half as much at Target. Oh Target, why do you keep us Manhattanites at arms length? Ahh, that’s another post entirely. All I know is, I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I successfully redeem the $5 coupon. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. If the cashier doesn’t remind you that it’s printed on the bottom half of the receipt (I think they’re secretly told not to remind you, so you won’t realize it’s there), you’re likely to throw it away. Or, if you shove it in your wallet with in between your coffee and manicure punch cards, you’ll inevitably forget it’s there, until it’s expired…yes, I believe they expire one month from the date of issue. Or, you’ve forgotten to buy something on your list and you go back to DR later that day , and you find that the coupon can’t be used until the nest day! As you can see, the barriers to entry can be exasperating. For all these reasons, I have to pat myself on the back for making it happen. It’s the little things.


Thank you Will

February 25, 2009



Record breaking ticket sales to see Will Ferrel (Old School is, by far, his best big-screen performance) in You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush aren’t surprising at all. It’s absolutely hilarious, and not in that I’m a Democrat and all Republicans are stupid way. I would venture to say it’s even bipartisan in its humor, it really cuts across the aisle. Not only is Ferrel spot on with his impersonation of 43, he literally ad-libs in character. And what I didn’t know until now, is that Ferrel also wrote the show! Tina Fey better watch her back. Baby daddy is probably already underway. In any case, if at all possible, you should get tickets and see this show, before it closes on March 15. You won’t regret it. Amen.


P.S. The Condee Rice cameo is a show stopper.

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things to keep in mind for v-day

February 12, 2009

4lips1I received a funny Valentine’s Day press release yesterday with tips from several well-known dentists. Some of them are hilarious and may even score you points in a useless trivia contest. At the very least, read them and laugh:

“Kissing burns 12 calories every 5 seconds, and 3 passionate kisses a day will lead to losing 1 lb a month.  In fact, kissing gets 30 facial muscles working,” says Dr. Emanual Layliev.

I say, kiss all you want, but please don’t do it at the table next to mine.

“Cavities are no different than a common cold.  Yes, natural causes of cavities include bacteria, sugar, and not brushing, but you can increase risk of cavities by kissing someone who has no history of cavities based on the level of bacteria in their saliva. The good news is, you can also build up immunities to cavities by kissing someone who is more cavity-prone,” explains Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans.

So please, please ask your date about his or her dental health before leaning in.

The last tip, not surprisingly, is my favorite tip and all the more reason to indulge in the 70% cacao dark chocolate bar in my fridge,

“While chocolate does contain sugar, researchers have concluded the cocoa bean in chocolate will inhibit tooth decay, ” offers Dr. Mickey Bernstein.

As far as I’m concerned, Valentine’s Day is pretty cheesy. All those prix-fixe menus with heart-shaped desserts and supposed aphrodisiacs are enough to make me hurl. Every woman wants to be wooed, but some of us prefer a little more creativity and quirkiness with our romance. For anyone who is still thinking about how to celebrate the “holiday,” consider surprising your significant other with breakfast in bed (cappuccino and croissants from Balthazar), a movie date (anything but Revolutionary Road), a home-cooked meal (pasta bolognese), or even a walk in the park followed by a glass of wine at a cozy neighborhood spot (Danal).


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Turtle finally got something right

February 9, 2009

nikesNever underestimate the power of cool sneakers. They can turn Gap jeans into an anti-establishment fashion statement. I have been woefully without such footwear since a trip to the dog park benched my old Pumas permanently. This weekend I discovered a groovy store called Classic Kicks. A friend recommended I check it out since the store was having a friends and family sale and they carry a well-edited selection of old school styles from Vans, Nike, Puma and more. If you blink while walking down Elizabeth Street, you’ll miss it. It’s on a quiet block (between Bleecker and Houston), right near the 6-train stop on Bleecker. As soon as I walked in, I got the feeling that Turtle, from Entourage, would know about this place. As a short girl with very small feet, I often have a tough time finding great sneakers in my size. Usually all the ones in 5 or 5.5 are the horrendous models with pink or turquoise or lavender accents. Even worse—many stores don’t even carry anything below a size 6. The nerve! Just because some of us have small feet doesn’t mean we’ll settle for lame colors and designs. Sometimes I go online to solve the problem, but buying shoes without trying them on is tricky and very often results in me standing in the painful line at the post office shipping them back. Luckily, Classic Kicks had a pretty solid pair of retro Nike basketball high-tops with silver swooshes. I’m slightly apprehensive about breaking them in because I fear the high-top portion of the shoe will literally rub me the wrong way—a risk I’m willing to take. Looks like this week will be warm enough to ditch the Uggs and debut the kicks.


Special delivery

February 4, 2009

plugraslabbaconMy orange crush finally arrived this past weekend. In case you missed my earlier ode, I’m talking about my newly purchased Le Creuset 6.75-quart French Oval Oven. It’s glorious and it was half off. In honor of its arrival and the Superbowl, I christened it with a phenomenal white chicken chili recipe from Yum Yum. It’s filled with shredded chicken, white beans, corn, cumin, chili powder, etc. This isn’t one of those simmer all day dishes; it’s fast and easy and a really nice alternative to the usual ground beef version. I’m thinking about tonight’s dinner already and seriously considering braised chicken legs and thighs for my next Le Creuset experience. I’m googling new recipes while I’m writing this, and have quickly come across one for bone-in chicken thighs with balsamic vinegar and porcini mushrooms, from Dean & Deluca, that looks fantastic. I can smell it already. Of course, like every good French-inspired dish, this one involves bacon and red wine. If there’s one thing you learn in your first month at the French Culinary Institute, it’s that savory dishes always require bacon, butter, or both. Thank you, Chef Rogers.

On an unrelated topic, I was on the F train this morning and was looking over the shoulder of another straphanger who was reading a magazine. It was written in both French and English and appeared to be about food, so I kept looking. It was an article about cheese-making school that drew me in. I was so intrigued that I asked her which magazine she was reading and was pretty surprised to see that it was enRoute, the Air Canada magazine. Who would have thought? It was glossy and well designed and had me wondering if Canadians aren’t surviving the publishing crisis better than we are. As luck would have it, the very nice rider handed her copy over to me as she got off the train. I’m taking it as a sign that I’m meant to go to cheese-making school.