Back forty brunch


These aren't chicken nuggets!

These aren't chicken nuggets!

Who would have thought three cute girls at Sunday brunch would immediately zero in on pork jowel nuggets as the nibble with which to start their day. I also had my eye on the fresh doughnuts (a sensible Sunday brunch choice) but we settled on the swine. Great decision, as it turns out, since the golden “nuggets” were bread-crumb-coated, rich and fatty pork belly cubes served with a complementary sweet and spicy Jalepeno jam and cilantro. 

We continued on with brunch entrees of fried chicken and waffles, house smoked trout  with sweet potato pancakes, creme fraiche, onions and capers, and poached eggs with cheesy grits, spinach, mushrooms and toast.  


An excellent tribute to the south

An excellent tribute to the south











The fried chicken of the aforementioned dish was near perfect. It was juicy and flavorful and crunchy. It wasn’t dry or greasy, but we did have one minor complaint: why would they serve a wing as part of the meal. It seemed cheap. Oh well, never mind the wing, we loved every bite of the salty/sweet pairing.

The poached eggs, etc. were blah and under-seasoned. 


See how skimpy the trout looks next to the rest of the dish?

See how skimpy the trout looks next to the rest of the dish?












The smoked trout dish was lovely, if a bit stingy on the fish portion. We really enjoyed the crunchy little salad of celery, onions and capers, even if it was overdressed. The sweet potato pancakes were yummy on their own, and would be a great solo item on the menu, served with maple syrup (I happily dipped them in the syrup from the waffles).


No pickles:(

No pickles:(



Overall, we liked the Back Forty brunch quite a bit, but felt they lost points on two fronts: when one of ordered the bloody mary with pickles, it came without any preserved veg; we waited far too long for our entrees and get pretty antsy and annoyed. I think we’d all return though, for that fried chicken and waffles dish. It’s that good. 


2 Responses to Back forty brunch

  1. thecatskillkiwi says:

    I found the food at Back Forty mostly good with a few misses but the staff attitudes totally annoying, we are not in an economy to accommodate snootiness!

  2. leigh d says:

    I agree, the waitstaff made the misses worse!

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